11x4.00-5 John Deere Pneumatic Tire/Wheel Assemblies - Replacement AM101589 - (Set of Two)

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(Set of 2) John Deere replacement AM101589 11x4.00-5 pneumatic tire wheel assemblies Wheel includes 11x4.00-5 smooth tread tubeless pneumatic tire Wheel center hub measures 5-inches wide at bearing with 3/4-inch bore Fits many 60-inch, 72-inch and 76-inch decks with caster wheels WHEEL DETAILS Wheel Size: 5x3.25 ** Color: John Deere Yellow ** Overall Hub Length: 5” **Bearing Style: 75” Sintered Iron Bushing TIRE DETAILS Tire Size: 11x4.00-5 ** Smooth Tubeless ** OD 10.9” ** SW 4.05” ** Max Load: 325 lbs ** Psi 46